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Missed an update? Then this is the place to be! I've put all the old updates here for your perusal.
Update! November 3rd 2010
I must admit to not having done much competition ringing in the last few weeks, but that's not to say I have done none at all. Kathryn and I both went out on Suzanne's birthday do (I won't tell you how old) and so have a picture of Chris Clayton schmoosing with the ladies, as usual. As a consequence there isn't an awful lot to report. The weather held off, and a good time was had by all.
Chris with the ladies, again
That leaves The Meeting which is looming ever closer. By the end of it we will know where the big competitions will be held next ear and who is going to be on the pencil. And a couple of weeks after The Meeting are the last competitions of the season at Stratton and Kilkhampton. On previous form the chances are it'll be a grim day, but no one will really care. As of yet I don't know whether I'll be ringing in the 6 or 8 or even at all as we'll be a bit thin on the ground at Exminster then. Nevertheless, regardless of my attendance at the competition I'll try and update the league as quickly as possible as that will be it for the year and we'll know who's won.
On that subject it looks like the champions will be Eggbuckland, as Burrington (currently second) would need to find 80 points or St Petrock's (currently third) would need 50 points at the Startton and Kilkhampton competitions. Both scenarios are highly unlikely to the point of impossibility and rely on Eggbuckland not turning up. If we assume that Eggbuckland do turn up and get at least 20 points (by beating 5 teams in both two competitions which is fairly likely, although chances are they'll beat more) then that drops their ranking to 18.48 and requires Burrington to score around 60 points, which is also close to impossible, or St Petrock's to score around 44 points, which is also pretty unlikely. Of course, this doesn't take into account the Tawstock Shield being held this Saturday at Kingsteignton. If either Burrington or St Petrock's score less points than their ranking they won't win the league, but if they manage to beat 9 or more teams they'll still be in with a very slim chance. What I'm trying to say is it's all very complicated and Eggbuckland have probably done enough to retain the league title they regained last year.
The grapevine is buzzing on the subject of Eggbuckland and I have heard that Roger has retired from the Eggbuckland team, and won't be ringing with them at Stratton or Kilkhampton. I can't see it harming the team too much as I know that they have th resources to plug the gap. I can see the future Eggbuckland team having young Steve on the tenor.
And that I believe is all there is to say. Looks like this was a tad longer than I thought it would be...
No - there is one last thing! I'm about to write a page that will work on my mobile phone - It'll have the latest results on it and maybe even a condensed table. It'll be boring as hell to look at if you're using a proper computer but there you go.
Update! October 4th 2010
Now the made panic of the ofsted inspectors coming into work has subsided, there is just enough time to write a brief summary of September, or at least the ringing which I've been involved in. It's been quite a busy month various competitions and the ringer's dinner of which there'll be more later. First, let me take you back to the beginning of the month and the competition at South Tawton, where chaos ensued at the results. You see, what happened was one of the teams failed to make it to the competition, and so instead of just writing down the order in which the teams rang, as the judges do, John had left out whichever team it was and the peal number which they should have rung at. Consequently John had 15 teams and the judges only had 14. This was fine for first place, as South Brent had rung last anyway, but for second all hell broke lose. Anyway the results given are as recorded and that was that. I would say everyone went home happy, but that's not true as there were inevitably some people who didn't, no names mentioned...
The next competition I've been to was the Kenn Deanery held this year at Christow. The weather was fine if a little cold out of the sun and due to the paucity of numbers the competition was all done and dusted by just before 6pm. There was one issue in particular I'd like to raise about the competition, so I'm about to go off on a rant – if you don't want to read it I suggest you skip to the next paragraph now. The problem in our Deanery appears to be the fact that many of the towers are not interested in competition ringing as a team, which is all well and good, but obviously we want to encourage teams to enter as the Deanery is a comparatively gentle way of competing. Yes, for the top teams there is the opportunity to qualify for the Interdeanery next year, but there is no pressure on teams to be at that standard. As part of a drive to get people (as opposed to teams) actively involved our deanery has a once-a-month practice night at one of the deanery towers where any ringer, at virtually any standard, can come, have a go, and meet some like minded people who all reside fairly locally. This may help people to come forward for the competition as they get to know people and therefore don't feel like they're intruding in an exclusive club. We also relaxed the rules at the AGM, over much debate, so that any one ringer could ring three times with no restrictions on the bell they could ring. However, as expected by those who had reservation about the rule change, there was no increase in the number of teams that entered this year, and there was a decrease in the number of towers represented. There even seemed to be little difference between the ringers that went in for two of the towers in the A-section. Not in the spirit of the rules at all, in fact it wouldn't surprise me to see the rules changed back to what they were at the next AGM. Personally I'd like to see scratch teams in the Deanery, so that if there were two ringers from Christow, three ringers from Bishopsteignton and one from Whitestone (for the sake of argument) that wanted to ring in the competition but couldn't get a full team together, they could all group together as one team and enter. This might encourage these sort of towers as those ringers who went and had a go in a scratch team may go back to there towers and say 'we had a good day, enjoyed the ringing and company, and we should send a team next year as it's not as serious as all that.'
Last weekend was the South Devon 8 bell competition at Highweek. I thought it was a good competition, with 10 teams entering, and the only problem was the draw. I believe it is being scrapped for next year and the competition is going to times, which will stop all this business of three-quarters of a team turning up and not being able to ring as one of their ringers is ringing at a wedding. Anyway, the entry list was pretty strong and, although the weather turned nasty after tea, a fair number of people were still around for the results, we even had a couple of visitors from 'up north'!
'But what of the ringers dinner?' I hear you cry. Well I thought I'd leave that to the end as it seems more fitting. The annual Dinner-Dance was this year held at Libbaton Golf Course near High Bickington, and although it was a long way for some, was very well attended. And a very very enjoyable evening was had by all. Highlights for me included Messers Clayton and Langdon running the draw, as they had their own personal competition to see who could sell the most tickets – I believe Mervyn just edged that one, and Gerald Herniman looking resplendent in his shirt, tie and apron whilst cutting the meat for the carvery. Same again next year, please!
There are some photos to go here; they'll go up when I get round to getting them off my camera...
Update 3rd Nov: Here they are :)
Annual Dinner 2010Annual Dinner 2010
Update! September 3rd 2010
What with one thing and another blah, blah, blah...OK I’ll be honest, a supreme amount a sloth on my part meant I haven't updated this for a while. However since I haven't been to any competitions this month, and have been off work, the simple fact is that it hadn't actually entered into my mind. Poor show, I know. On the plus side (for me, at least), I have caught up with a load of reading I wanted to do, decorated my bedroom, organised a ringing weekend and re-stained my shed, so it's not like I've completely vegged out. As a consequence there's no pictures on this update so you'll just have to put up with the words.
Since I haven't done very much since I last wrote, I don't have much to comment on. I can tell you that I have rung on the newly rehung Merton bells and will say that they weren't as good as they could've been, not aided by the fact that the ropes were rather low so I had to ring at least one of the bells with both hands above the sally. Don't try this at home; it's the quickest way to really mess up your hands.
As for the league I've put in the results I had lying around, the complete list is on the league page, but basically it's every competition that was held in August. There were a couple fewer events than normal as the Shebbear competition wasn't held for a reason that is not entirely clear to me and the Lydford/Bridestowe dual event wasn't held due to ill health on the part of the captain there. I believe he is well on the road to recovery and wish him all the best. Having said that, we gained a competition as Monkleigh moved their competition from October into the gap made by the Shebebar competition and it was well attended by the looks of the results.
I'm going to be ringing at South Tawton on Saturday (all things being equal) and so I may have something a bit more exciting to discuss next time round...
Update! July 30th 2010
I actually wrote this a few days ago but there you go...
I guess I aught to say why I've been a little quiet these last couple of weeks: basically I've been too busy to compose one of these discourses (for want of a better word...), although the beady-eyed will notice that I haven't been too busy to put the results in for the last few weeks competitions. Anyway, what with the last couple of weeks of term being generally manic and the visit of my mother-in-law in the middle of it all, now is the first chance I've had to put down some thoughts. Let's see then, since I last wrote we've had the dual competitions at Stoke Gabriel and Collaton St Mary (the latter for the Art Seymour, which doesn't seem to wander around the county like it used to) - of which I have a couple of pictures. They were followed by Dunsford and Doddiscombsleigh, although I wasn't there due to the second reason above, and last weekend we had the Burrington competition, which this year was a three tower event for the first time.
Collaton St MaryStoke GabrielStoke Gabriel
So, if I remember correctly, Stoke and Collaton took place on a lovely day, although there was a few light showers in the evening. The bells at Stoke are still a good challenge and it was a personal landmark as it was the first time I trebled in competition, although only at Stoke as Kathryn did the honours at Collaton. It wasn't a complete disaster, and I'll say no more on the subject, as the results speak for themselves. No complaints there, then.
Stoke Gabriel
Now on to the more interesting talking point - the Burrington three tower event. For those not in the know, this year's Burrington competition was held simultaneously with (and at the same time as) competitions at Ashreigney and Atherington. As a bit of background, the event has not been done like this before as Atherington have been out of action since 1976-ish and have only recently been rehung. The work was carried out as the tower had a load of cracks in it, which were mostly due to the bells. Consequently the bells have been hung in a new frame much lower down the tower than before which makes them incredibly loud in the ringing chamber. The bells themselves go heavier than they are, and there is a slight issue with the distance between the ropes of the second and treble - I nearly lost my arm in the rise to our (Exeter St David's) second ringer - but they have a fantastic tone and a good team should be able to get some good music out of them.
Getting back to the main point; you may remember a few weeks back I said I had been asked to think about how one would go about making a handicap system. The reason being that Steve Herniman wanted to try one out for the overall contest at the three tower event. You may ask why, and as far as I understand it, it was so that the results for the overall competition a) weren't so spread and b) gave the less good teams half a chance of winning it, in much the same way as a golf handicap works. I said that I would do it based on average scores from the last four or five Burrington competitions, and that to give him any definitive answer I would need the results from a bit further back as I only have three years worth of results. Through one thing and another I didn't get the results and so would like to make it clear that I had nothing to do with the handicap system the Steve came up with. I say this because St David's won the overall trophy and I don't wish to be accused of rigging the system (remember: many a true word is spoken in jest...), not that I would anyway, otherwise Exminster would win the league every year ;-). So if there are any complaints please direct them at someone else...
One point of note was Chittlehampton's result at Ashreigney, obviously I didn't hear the peal and I have no criticism of the judging, but talk about punching above your weight! I expect that many of the ringers in that team ring at Ashreigney quite regularly, but you still have to be mighty good to beat the likes of Eggbuckland even on your own bells. Congratulations to them, I reckon they'd be well pleased with that, I know I would be.
Update! July 5th 2010
I've finally found the time to write something! I know a few people have been waiting for this, and I must say I find this slightly surprising, but you know how it is - whenever you want to do something events overtake you and your never mind the time. Regular readers will know that I did manage to get the results from the South Brent competition in last week and also update the pointless stat. New this week is the results from the Beric Bartlett held at West Charleton (more on that later).
As many people know, I wasn't at the South Brent competition as I was busy imbibing at the National 12-bell this year held at Crediton. The opportunity to hear the best method ringers in the country do their thing on the comparatively new bells was too great to pass up, as was the ale brewed by the Beer Engine especially for the occasion (named Howard's Shout). The weather was absolutely beautiful and sitting down by the beer tent in the lower rectory garden much fun was had by all. Well, nearly all: the Junior Steward of the College Youths had his shoes pinched by some other jocular members of said society who promptly dumped him head first into one of the bins when he went to recover one of the erstwhile sandals (the picture below shows him with the one he had managed to recover before his run-in with the bin).
National 12 Bell Final 2010National 12 Bell Final 2010National 12 Bell Final 2010
Since the draw for the competition was held at 11am, the ringing was all wrapped up by 4pm, but the results weren't announced until 6. Even that was a drawn out process as each of the four judges had their say: the Head judge gave general thoughts about the event, the next judge spoke about the overall standard of ringing (going so far as to say he didn't actually like the test piece), the third judge gave comments about the individual touches and the final judge gave the actual results - in the order of ringing. As I'm sure you already know Birmingham won the event, to resume their dominance in the event, and Exeter finished 5th, much higher than they were anticipating. I believe this is Birmingham's 17th win since the contest was first held in 1975, nearly as dominant as a couple of teams in this county...
Now on to last Saturday's shenanigans: the Beric Bartlett at West Charleton. I spent the afternoon in the company of the esteemed messers Pester and Adams (junior) in a very nice little bungalow overlooking the church and the also the Kingsbridge estuary. I couldn't comment on how easy the bells were to ring as I only had a rise on the bells to prepare them for the novice/intermediate section, but from outside it certainly sounded like they weren't easy to ring. After my own dear mother made a rather uncharitable comment about my ability as a judge, it may interest you to know that all three of us were all much of a muchness when it came to the faults we gave each team, apart from the last peal where Scott was a bit lighter than Percy and I. Overall the day went fairly well, although there was some confusion as to who was ringing what in the novices section before tea. No pictures of this event I'm afraid as I was kept quite busy...
That's about it, I think, I hope to see some of you this weekend at the Stoke and Collaton events.
P.S. Apologies for the length, but in the words of Blaise Pascal, "I made this...longer than usual because I lack the time to make it short."
Update! June 14th 2010
The results from the Major Final and the Okehampton Deanery are in and as I usually do at this time of year I've set the qualifying limit to five or more competitions on the main table. I know for a fact that there are two competitions outstanding (Littleham's annual competition held at Weare Giffard and the Plymouth and Ivybridge Deaneries competition), and whichever of the two I get first will be the 250th set of competition results that I have got in the database since 2003. Of course, if I don't get them before Saturday, then Eggbuckland's annual competition will be the 250th set as that's the competition I'll be at when the results are announced.
Littleham Church - Venue for the Major Final 2010
As I said in my last update, this section will get a bit more 'bloggy', since I have an opinion and this is my website I think I should be allowed to express it here, so today's update news includes, for the first time, my opinions on the ringing stories of the moment: As you probably gathered from the previous paragraph, last Saturday was the Major Final this year held at Littleham, which explains why Littleham's competition was at Weare Giffard this year. A brief report would go like this – Weather: Good, Service: reasonably short, good, Tea: a little pricey and the service a little slow, but otherwise excellent, Pub: too far from the church and closed in the afternoon, Result: the right one, but open to discussion (as always), Football: Shocking.
Major Final 2010Major Final 2010Major Final 2010
To expand a little, the weather meant that everyone was quite happy to sit outside and soak up the atmosphere of the afternoon and because the pub was shut from 3 'til 6.30, that's what everybody did. The photos I hope are shots showing just that (Yes, photos on the home page, what next!?). Littleham's bells were widely understood to be very good, but turned out to bit a fair bit trickier than everyone thought with the fourth especially catching everybody out, at it seemed that nobody really got hold of them for the whole length of a peal. The service bears comment on, as the vicar lead us through the usually order of service with some well known hymns (very well known in the case of Praise My Soul), and the address was kept down to about 5 minutes. The sermon was based on the reading, which this year was the one about Aaron's robe with the pomegranates and bells – like we've never heard that before. I know that their aren't many references to bells in the Bible, but as a plea from all bellringers everywhere, can the clergy please be more original? I don't know how many times I've heard why the bells were on the robe and now I really couldn't care less, in fact we don't need to hear about why bells are important in general because we hear it virtually every week through the summer. Yes, thank us for our work but then move on to something else more interesting – maybe talk about your holidays or something...
Major Final 2010Major Final 2010Major Final 2010
The final result, as I said above, was the right one but as always there was some discussion into the detail. I can't be bothered to go into it fully myself (mainly cause I'm not too upset about it and haven't had chance to have a good look at it) but one point that was made regarded the positioning of the judges themselves. The main question was whether they could hear the bells properly given that they were so low down under the church and very close to where everyone was congregated. I guess that maybe the judges elected for the final (or at least one of them) have a chance to work out where the best place to judge from is before the day, however that may be a logistical nightmare.
One last point on today's meander is on the Burrington competition; I believe this year it is going to be a three tower event (although I could be wrong) and that this year they are going to try out a handicap system to see if they can make the result closer/more interesting. I've been asked to think about it and see if I can come up with anything. I've got a couple of ideas involving various averages and will sit down with a pen and paper to see if they are feasible and understandable.
Update! May 18th 2010
With the main ringing season underway, updates to the league will be coming thick and fast. Since I've gone to a web based system for calculating everything I'll update results almost as soon as I have them without necessarily writing things up. In future I hope to make this page a bit more like a blog as well as a news channel with my thoughts on the latest "developments". but that will take an update of the web page itself, so will probably take a bit longer than I anticapte - better make that a lot longer ;).
One significant update in the pipeline is the comeptition stats page as a partner to the team stats page. Once I get an interface for it sorted out it'll go live.
I'm off to do some real work so can the last one out turn off the lights, cheers...
Update! April 2nd 2010 (Good Friday)
I've added the fixture between Burrington B and Exeter St Davids into the ladder. I've also realised that I didn't reset the tables in April - they rest after a few compeitions (i.e. at the begining of May) but the stats have debolded (for want of a better word) ready for Ide in a week's time. Happy Easter!
Update! March 26th 2010
I've had a couple of results from the ladder come in, the final match in group 1 of the A section has been played and a second match in group 4 North. The group 1 match resulted in a draw which means I've had to rewrite chunks of code in the database as I hadn't already written for this eventuality (grrrr!). Anyway, the code can now account for draws and also correctly sorts the teams out when they are tied on points in the league. In short that means the ladder tables on this website are 100% correct, unless I have to sort something out by the drawing of lots.
The competition season proper starts on the 10th April at Ide and so (with a bit of luck) everything will be cleared into the archive at the beginning of April. That's at least what I think I told it to do...
Update! March 4th 2010
After much fiddling around with the code I've have given the teams stats search form a few more options. I guess the next stage is a similar thing for the competitions and then a thing to allow you compare teams...Compare the bellringers? Simples (as if...)
Update! January 22nd 2010
If you head over to the league part of the site, specifically the stats pages, you'll find that I've added a feature that allows you to look at an individual team's averages and results. It is at a fairly basic level at the moment, but I hope to make the results more customisable in the near future. Enjoy!
A minor cosmetic change, I've also added a bookmark icon. You should be able to see it in the address bar of your browser, just next to where you type in a web address
Update! January 15th 2010
A brand new year and hopefully all my code is still behaving itself (I'll be honset and say I haven't checked). Whilst we're in the competition closed-season I thought I'd put up some new compositions I've had lying around, one of which is the peal for the John Scott 10 bell competition being held in February. You'll find them as downloadable pdf files under the compositions tab above.
Update! December 7th 2009
The results from the six bell competitions at Stratton and Kilkhampton are in and so the winners of the Devon Ringing League for 2009 can be revealed:
5 or more competitions league: Plymouth, Eggbuckland - Their fifth win in seven seasons and first since 2006.
All-comers league: Devon Belles - Their third win in six seasons and the first succesful defence of the title.
Update! December 4th 2009
It's been a few weeks I know, but I'm back with a biggie. This week's update sees the latest results from the ladder put up, the ladder tables and archive updated to use the same drop down menus as I've already put into the DRL section and a mammoth update to the DRL records/statistics pages. The records main page has been rearranged so you can now select either an entire category and see all the top 25s on one page or you can select an individual record and see the top 100 for those! The records page is now linked to the database so as soon as I put new results in, the stats are updated. Therefore the stats are as of now always up-to-date and you don't have to wait for me to get round to updating them.
The results from the 8 bell competitions at Kilkhampton and Stratton are in, but since I'm still waiting on the results from the 6 bell competitions I'm not officially going to annouce the winners of DRL 2009 until I get them. Chances are that the top places aren't going to change, but you never know...
Update! November 12th 2009
It's just a couple of days before the Devon Association's AGM, where the venues for next year's big competitions will be decided, but the ringing season still continues. I've added three more competitions into the league database and this has pushed the number of teams in the five or more table upto 34 for the first time ever. Also there's a result for the new season in the ringing ladder, just when you thought we'd forgotten about it!
Update! October 22nd 2009
The first of a few big updates is now live - the all new DRL archive in the league pages. Basically, as sort-of outlined in the last update (see below), I'm now using an online database instead of Access which means that instead of me having to cut and paste the tables on to the webpages, the league tables are generated directly from the online database when you look at one of the league table pages. So now the table you see will always be the most up to date version, although that assumes that I've put the latest results in. Since the league tables are generated straight from the results and they are all in the database, I've also made the results selectable from the archive pages, as promised. Yipee for technology!
One last note, if you've bookmarked the DRL home page then you'll need to update that as the address is slightly different.
Comments, suggestions or any other feedback can be emailed to webmaster[at]myconid[dot]co[dot]uk.
Update! October 12th 2009
I suppose I aught to apologise for keeping you all on tenter hooks as to what is going on with the DRL, but there is a very good reason/excuse as to why I've been a little bit behind which I'll tell you if you'll let me. You won't? Tough, I'm going to tell you anyway.
It all started about 18 months ago (this may get needlessly Shandian - hold on tight!) when I entrusted the running of the DRL to Access instead of Excel. As I explained at the time, I did it to make the whole business of keeping the records and stats up to date a whole lot easier. This was all fine and dandy whilst my home PC was behaving itself - but then it decided that it wasn't going to run windows anymore and I had to change my OS (to Ubuntu for those who like to know these things) to get anything to work at all. Of course this means I automatically lost MS office, which is no great shame, but it meant I was left with a database that I could only run when I was at work - not much good to man nor beast that. So anyway, I remember threatening to start running the whole shooting match, ladder included, online. As a direct consquence of the loss of windows at home and the comparative lack of time at work to deal with the website I have actually taken the leap to make this promise a reality. This has meant I have needed to a) learn a new programming language so the web can connect to a database, b) learn a new database system that doesn't depend on me having Wind'ohs and c) transfer all the data from Access to said online database. So that has taken a fair amount of time where I would normally have been doing this. All this should mean that, in the near future, I don't have to keep updating several web pages every time a new set of results come in and just let my code do it for me - clever huh?
I'm running a few prelinmary test pages and they seem to be behaving themselves, meaning in a couple of months I'll try the whole site. One last point on this nonsense, I'm hoping to make it possible for the results of all the competitions that I have the results for available for your perusal. There's an unexpected bonus for us all, eh?
Update! August 12th 2009
I'm back and ready for action! The latest updates include an update to the ladder, as two more results have come in. Additionally to this there is the usual DRL changes, new competitions include: Dunsford, Doddiscombsleigh, Torridge Valley Guild at Great Torrington, Burrington and Widecombe in the Moor. The Shebbear results will come in the next update along with the Lydford and Bridestowe competitions and the resurrected Meavy and Sheepstor events.
Update! July 17th 2009
I'm a few days late putting this lot up but nevermind, better late than never. Anyway the usual updates for the DRL pages are up for all competitions upto and including the Stoke Gabriel and Art Seymour competitions. I've also moved a number of the more recnt updates to the archive. There won't be any updates for the next few weeks as I'm off getting married...
Update! June 29th 2009
As you may expect, I've updated all the league tables and ladder tables for the results that have come in. The league now includes results from the Beric Bartlett, Eggbuckland and the Major Final. Which brings me onto my next point:
I wasn't at the Major Final this year, but have since looked over the results as published and one thing strikes me as very odd. One of the judges (who shall be nameless here) had South Brent to win when the other three had South Brent down as having at least twice as many faults as Eggbuckland, the enventual winners. This suggests that said judge was not marking the peal's striking as such either that or he had fallen asleep! Having done some basic analysis of the results, it appears that this may have skewed the results in some way, and it has to be said that this is not the first time this season that this has occured. A similar thing happened at the 8 bell Final where one judge (not the same person) marked the peals so that the order was very different to that of the other judges, again skewing the results. In this case the team I was ringing for benefitted from this, so I kept schtum at the time. However since I'm a neutral observer in the case of the Major Final, I feel that I can bring this up. I believe that there is a simple way of preventing this skewing of the results and here is the idea. As there are four judges at the 'big' events we can simply discard the highest and lowest marks and take the average of the two remaining results, then if any one judge marks a team too heavily or too lightly they have no bearing on the result. This is the same idea as was used in ice skating and so I can't take too much credit for it, but nevertheless it would avoid this rediculous situation we have where one judge can seriously change the result of a competition, like the two instances given above. Rant over - normal service to be resumed on the next update (unless, of course, something else gets up my nose). Any comments? Send them to webmaster[at]myconid[dot]co[dot]uk...
Update! - March 11th 2009
There's a comestic update for the stats pages for your delictation today. That and all the top tens have been replaced with top twenty fives, more stats means more pages! Each section of the stats is now on a seperate page so you don't have to scroll through loads of stuff if you want to see just the team records. Time to start working on the bit for the ringing ladder which has started as of this month...
Update! - January 21st 2009
I've found the missing memory stick so now everything is hunky dory again, and yes I've backed up the data. I've updated all the stats to reflect the corrected tables - and all the new tables should be up as well. You may have noticed that the cool wall buttons have bitten the dust.
Update! - January 20th 2009
First the big news - I've had to change my website provider (hence the slight change in address), which means there may be some peculiar things happening on the site in the next few weeks. I'll try and sort it out as quickly as I can!
Secondly - I had a couple of weeks off work at Christmas and dedicated some of time to putting this whole enterprise into a database so that, in future, all I have to do is enter the results and let the computer do the work. Consequently I have recalculated the archived tables and it showed up that I am indeed as fallible as I thought because there were errors in them left, right and centre. The biggest shock of all was, it turns out, that the 2007 championship was erroneously awarded to the wrong team! The true winners were Morthoe. If everyone could please accept my most humble apologies (although I'm sure there'll be some Trouts who won't) as I am only human and it is very easy to forget to carry a one or such like when presented with such a truckload of calculations. Happy new year Mrs White :)
STOP PRESS: This is all well and good, of course, but between last night and this morning I went and lost the memory stick with it all on - this maybe only temporarily as I haven't looked everywhere yet - so I'll probably have to do it all again. I am, as you may have guessed, a little bit peeved about this.
Update! - December 1st 2008
The sixth season that the Devon Ringing League has focussed on has come to an end. The final tables for the season have been published, and so the annoucement of the winners of the league for the seaon 2008 can be revealed - but not here! Click on the league and stats button for the complete rundown.
The records page will be updated slightly later in the month once I've worked out all the stats ;) Hopefully, I'll be able to do this faster in the future as I'm banging everything into a gurt big database. Now where did I put all the results from 2004...
Update! - November 11th 2008
The records and stats page is now up to date. It didn't take quite as long as I thought it might...
Update! - November 10th 2008
"...the league for 2008 has started and will be updated at least once a fortnight..."
Some of you will remember me saying this at the other end of the season (check below!), and I apologise for not keeping my word. However I can say with absolute certainty that the league is fully up to date as of today! I'll get round to doing the stats page in the very near future....
Terms and conditions apply
I'll also be taking down the cool wall soon in preperation for imminent start of the Devon Association Ringing Ladder - a new(ish) concept in competition ringing. As I've agreed to help to maintain that, I'll be sticking more information on to this site as well as my normal gubbins.
Update! - May 12th 2008
The cool wall is now up and will be updated as I ring at more towers...
...And the league for 2008 has started and will be updated at least once a fortnight, although it does depend on how many competitions there are to update for the records page.
the very near future could be any time over the next 12 months. I'm making no promises after last time.