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Most wins ringing the treble

Top 25 ringers,
competitions included: Devon 8 Bell, Devon Major Final, Devon Minor Final, and North and South Devon Qualifiers
Bold type indicates a ringer who has won a competition in 2022

Wins Ringer
30 Hilary Trout
22 Mervyn Phillips
15 Graham Sharland
8 Peter Brewer
8 Jack Hine
8 Pat Johnstone
3 Derek Jones
2 Colin Adams
2 Fred Axworthy
2 Suzanne Driscoll
2 Graham Pascoe
2 Herbert Pascoe
1 Ian Avery
1 Monty Bertram
1 John Dietz
1 Sam Massey
1 Maurice Sharland
1 J Snow
1 Linda Steer
1 David Trout

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