Call change ringing resources

Welcome everyone to the site! On this site you can find resources for Devon-style call change ringing. This is where you can find the official pages of the completely unofficial Devon Ringing League, which I invented a few years back, and the unofficial pages of the official Devon Association of Ringers Ringing Ladder. The tabs above give you links to these areas: the league tab for the DRL, and the ladder tab for Devon Association Ringing Ladder. I try to update this site at least once a month (during the summer at least), especially the league and ladder pages as this is where most of the action is. When I see, or come up with, new compositions I'll add them when I get the chance but they may take a bit more time, what with typing them up and then fiddling about to make them into pdfs...
    James Kerslake

Comments, feedback and suggestions? Email me: webmaster[at]myconid[dot]co[dot]uk

Update! April 13th 2024

Just a quick note to say I'm not dead, and that I've added all last year's events that I had ready access to, and also this year's Ide competition.

See you all around and about during the year!

Update! June 27th 2022

Now that ringing has restarted after the covid enforced break I've added all the competitons that have occurred so far this year into the db.

I've been working on an upgrade to the site, but it's taking me longer than I expected so we'll all have to put up with the old site for the time being.