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These pages are given over to the Devon Association of Ringers' Ringing Ladder devised by Graham Sharland. The system used for working out the tables is completely different from that used for the league table (the DRL) which I've been running for the past few years and shouldn't be confused. The system used to calculate the tables can be found in the "How it Works" tab above. From here on this newer system will be called 'the Ladder' and it is based on two team competitions much like football fixtures. The ladder is split into three sections:
The first season has finished, so the stats section will start to go up soon, and the next season is due to happen between September and December 2009. The fixtures for the new season's A section are up and the remainder will go up when I get notice of them, watch this space! Well, not this space exactly, but the one behind the 'Fixtures & Results' link...
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