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Devon Ringing League

These pages will not only give you the full current DRL table, but also the archive of previous tables, stats and records for the league, and the method used to calculate the ratings. The table below is the main table, qualification is teams which have rung in 5 or more competitions. A full table, including a list of all the competitions used to work out the league rankings, is available by clicking on the link just above.

This week's interesting but ultimately pointless statistic is...
...The total number of faults scored in the all-time 100 lowest scores (as of 13th May 2013) is 611 5/6. This is lower than the sum of the two highest all time scores which is 677 1/2. Given that faults don't come in sixths I feel I should explain that a third plus a half equals 5/6 so you know where that has come from.

It's after the Major Final and the table should now be for teams that have rung in 5 or more competitions, assuming I've coded everything correctly.

Current DRL 2024 Table

  Team C Rank + / -
1 Bow 5 14.40 433.75
2 Sampford Courtenay 5 13.00 811.50
3 Broadhempston 5 10.00 -14.50
4 Tiverton, St Paul 6 9.33 24.00